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Display a barcode on your website with this module. Users can also generate their own if you choose to enable that option. Tokens are available to generate a barcode that uses Portal or User information. The module also has a SkinObject with several options.

Module settings

Select the type of barcode to be generated.

Default value:
Set the default value of the barcode. This value is required if there is no user input allowed.

Set the height of the generated barcode in pixels. The module will optimize the width for the selected barcode type.

Force exact dimensions:
Make sure the barcode is the size specified in the settings. This could result in somewhat blurry barcodes if the ratio is not set correctly. The final size includes the padding.

Set the width of the generated barcode in pixels. This option is only available when forcing exact dimensions.

Set the padding in pixels around the barcode.

Background color:
Specify a background color in HEX format (#FF0000)

Allow user input:
When enabled a user can generate their own barcode.

Allowed types:
Set the allowed barcode types that can be generated by a user.

Token Settings

Use tokens:
Enable the use of tokens in the module.

Token string:
The string containing the tokens that will be used to generate the barcode. This will overwrite the default value specified in the Basic Settings.

On error:
When a barcode cannot be created you can either show the error message or display nothing.

Replace uncodable characters:
When there are characters in the generated string that cannot be used in the selected barcode type (ëÜéÉà etc), they will be removed. This greatly increases the chances of successful barcode generation.

Show generated token string:
This show the generated string that is created from the tokens underneath the barcode.


These are the available tokens that can be used in the Module or Skin Object.





BarcodeGenerator as a Skin Object

If you want to use the BarcodeGenerator module as a Skin Object, you need to add the following two lines to your skin file. Place this one at the top of the skin file:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="VDWWD_BarcodeGenerator_SkinObject" Src="/DesktopModules/VDWWD_BarcodeGenerator/SkinObject.ascx" %>

Then place the Skin Object itself somewhere on the page where you want the barcode to be displayed.

<dnn:vdwwd_barcodegenerator_skinobject runat="server" text="1234" id="VDWWD_BarcodeGenerator_SkinObject1">

This is the most basic usage of the Skin Object. This will display a QR code with the Text “1234” and with a height of 60 pixels and no message on error. But there are a lot of options available. The object below will generate a “25 Interleaved C” barcode with replaced tokens. For the barcode type see the list below.

<dnn:vdwwd_barcodegenerator_skinobject runat="server" id="VDWWD_BarcodeGenerator_SkinObject1"
   ErrorMessage="This message is displayed when there is an error, leave empty for no message displayed"

Available barcode types

If there is a barcode not on this list that you require? Create a helpdesk ticket at the DNN Store.