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Name: Erwin van der Waal
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Name: Tony Sijm
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About DataDisplay Minimize


This module can display all the records from a predefined database table or custom query on your website. The column names from the table become the tokens that can be replaced in the fully customizable module templates, so you can show the table data exactly the way you want. Results can be split into multiple pages using paging.
The module can also connect to an external database to get data there (MS SQL and MySQL).

Module settings

External database is MySQL:
Check if the external database is MySQL.

Connection string:
Input the connection string to connect to the external database.
A connection string should look something like this: Data Source=; Initial Catalog=DotNetNuke; User ID=DnnUser; Password=1A2b3C4d

Source table:
Select the source table to export the records from. If a connection string is entered, the module will retrieve a list of tables from the external database.

Custom query:
Input your custom query here. This will be used to export the data instead of a predefined source table.

The columns from the source table or custom query. These can be used in the templates as tokens.

Template Settings

Use paging:
Enable this option to use paging of the rows with the selected number of items per page.

Items per page:
You can define the number of items shown per page.

Header template:
Text that will appear above the items.

Item template:
The template uses to display the items.

Alternating item template:
The alternating template uses to display the items.

Separator item template:
The template used between the items.

Footer template:
Text that will appear below the items.

Add your custom styles that apply to the templates directly in the module.

Which version to install

DataDisplay comes in 2 versions. Normal installation and a HostOnly installation because the module does NOT take Portal ID’s into account. This could potentially be a security risk on shared hosting solutions so when the HostOnly version is installed, only Host account users can change the settings of the module.


These are the available tokens that can be used in the Custom Query. These are default DNN values and cannot be used in the templates.