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This module will display an Adobe Flash movie (.swf) on your website. Simply select the file from the module settings and you're ready to go. DNN tokens like email and display name are available as Flash variables.

Module settings

Flash File:
Select the Flash to display on your site.

The width of the movie.

The height of the movie.

Start playing the movie:
When checked the movie will start playing automatically.

Continuously loop the movie:
When checked the movie will keep playing on repeat.

Flash Variables

Input your own string with Flash variables to use. Must be in the following format: name1: "hello", name2: "world", name3: "VDWWD"

Use DNN user tokens as flashvars:
When checked the following flashvars will be available: UserName, DisplayName, FullName, EmailAddress, UserFirstname, UserLastName, UserCity.