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About PassChanger Minimize


This module will allow users who are logged in to easily change their password. This module will eliminate all the unnecessary steps a user has to go through before they can change their password on their profile page.

Module settings

Minimum length:
Define the minimum length you want for your password. If the defined length is shorter than the DNN settings, the DNN setting will be used. By default the password length is 8 characters.

Password RegEx:
Define your own custom regular expression for password complexity. The default regex "^[\s\S]{8,}$" is to check for the minimum of 8 characters and corresponds with the localization string "notLongEnough" in the resx file. When a custom regex is present, the displayed error message will be "customRegExErr"

Label position:
Select the placement of the labels for the textboxes (above or left). Default is above.

Show password strength meter:
Check this option if you want a password strength meter to be displayed under the “Change password” button. This feature is turned off by default.

CSS Classes

You can define your own CSS classes in the settings for the module for the TextBox, Button, Label and Validator controls.

Not logged in

To change a password, the user has to be logged in on the website. If the module is placed on a public page and a visitor who is not logged in views the page, the module will display an error instead of the input fields.