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Ever wanted to remove a lot of users at once (bulk user removal) based on a filter? This module will do just that. With one simple filter you can remove all users that registered before a certain date or their name contains a certain string. Users are marked for deletion and not actually removed so an Undo is available. You can also generate dummy users in the module settings for testing purposes.

The module is only available to Administrators and Host users. A normal user will see a text message.

Module settings

Show deleted users:
The users that have been marked for removal will be shown in a table. This will make spotting mistakes easier and then the removal can be undone.

Show "Permanent Delete" button:
This shows the button to permanently delete all users. This will include all users that have previously been marked for removal, either in this module or with the User Account manager. That action cannot be undone. If this button is not shown user have to be permanently removed by the DNN Account manager.

Generate Dummy Users

The module can create dummy users for testing. Select the number of dummy accounts to be generated and press the button. Note that the field "Last Login Date" is managed by ASP.NET and cannot be randomized. You can optionally add a User Role to the user also.
Generating dummy users is only available for Host users.