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Allow registered users who are logged in to upload files in their personal repository. The files are kept outside of the DNN Portal file system, so Portal Admins cannot access those files. For security reasons the module will only allow file types that are configured within the Host settings.

Module settings

Show file type icon:
Uncheck this option if you do not want the file type icons to be displayed for each file.

Show file size:
When checked the module will display the file size in the module.

Max. nr of files:
Define the maximum number of files a user can store in his repository. If this setting is left empty, the number of files is unlimited.

Max. disk space:
Limit the maximum disk space usage per user. Default is 100 Mb per user.

Max. file size:
Limit the maximum file size that is allowed to upload. Default is 10 Mb per file.

Display mode:
Select either single column with paging of multiple column without paging. See the image above for examples.

Items per page:
You can define the number of files shown per page is the display mode is single column. Default is 25 items per page.

Number of columns:
You can define the number of columns shown by the module in multiple column layout. Default is 2 columns with a maximum of 10 columns.

Download all files in Zip:
When enabled there will be a button that allows the user to download all his files at once as a zip file.

Not logged in

To upload files, the user has to be logged in on the website. If the module is placed on a public page and a visitor who is not logged in views the page, the module will display an error instead of the input field and personal files.