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Video for SQL parameters Minimaliseren

Short video of how to use SQL parameters with the module.
Thanks to Dave Hassall for making this video.

Download the video.

About DataExporter Minimaliseren


A simple module for exporting all the records from a predefined table or custom query to Excel, CSV or XML. The module can also connect to an external database and export the data from there (MS SQL and MySQL).

Module settings

Show Excel export option:
Show or hide the option to export an Excel file.

Show CSV export option:
Show or hide the option to export a CSV file.

Show XML export option:
Show or hide the option to export a XML file.

Connection string:
Input the connection string to connect to an external database. If the external database is MySQL, check the corresponding checkbox first when inputting the connection string. Leave this empty to use the default DNN database.

Source table:
Select the source table to export the records from. If a connection string is entered, the module will retrieve a list of tables from the external database.

Custom query:
Input your custom query here. This will be used to export the data instead of a predefined source table.

Connecting to an external database could be blocked by your hosting provider. Make sure the server and/or firewall will allow connections to external databases.

Which version to install

DataExporter comes in 2 versions. Normal installation and a HostOnly installation because the module does NOT take Portal ID’s into account. This could potentially be a security risk on shared hosting solutions so when the HostOnly version is installed, only Host account users can change the settings of the module.


These are the available tokens that can be used in the Custom Query.