EasyLogin Minimaliseren


Module Testing Minimaliseren

Some of the modules will only work if users are logged in. You can log in on this site to test these modules with the following account information.


Note: the PassChanger module will NOT change the password for the Test user.

About EasyLogin Minimaliseren


This module allows users to log in through external database validation. If a user is not known, an account will be created. Optionally synchronize the Security Roles for the user. (MS SQL and MySQL).

Module settings

Connection string:
Input the connection string to connect to the external database. A connection string should look something like this: Data Source=; Initial Catalog=DotNetNuke; User ID=DnnUser; Password=1A2b3C4d

SQL query:
The query to check the username and password in the external database. This could also be a stored procedure

External database is MySQL:
Check if the external database is MySQL.

Test the connection: Fill out a username and password to test the connection and query. The click the "test login” link to see if the login works.

Label position:
Select the placement of the labels for the textboxes (above or left). Default is above. 

Redirect after login:
Select the page in the portal where the user should be redirected to after a successful login. If there is no page specified, the module will try to redirect to the redirect page configured in the portal settings.

Enable the "Stay logged in" checkbox:
Enable this option if you want to allow users to keep themselves logged in the next time they visit the site.

Security Role Settings

Add security role:
Optionally select a existing security role to add to the user when the login is successful.

Security role SQL query:
The query to check the roles for the user in the external database. This could also be a stored procedure. When a role does not exists it will be created.

CSS Classes

You can define your own CSS classes in the settings for the module for the TextBox, Button, Label and Validator controls.


Passwords are NOT kept in the website database for security. These users have to login through the EasyLogin module to authenticate. Also make sure they cannot change their password through the DNN profile page.

Make sure the query or stored procedure only returns 1 result, otherwise login will fail.

Connecting to an external database could be blocked by your hosting provider. Make sure the server and/or firewall will allow connections to external databases.

When using MySQL, make sure the DotNet MySQL Connector is installed on your DNN installation. You can check this by verifying if the file "MySql.Data.dll” is present in the \Bin folder. This file is included in this package.

The password is sent unencrypted to the external database, so make sure the connection is secure.