About PowerLinks Minimaliseren


The PowerLinks module allows you to create a links table in a custom amount of columns and assign roles and an image to the link. Various sorting options are available and the option to turn off the display images or hyperlinks. The module can also display folder contents as links.

Module settings

Number of columns:
Select the number of columns you want the module to display the links. Default is 1.

Show items:
Select if you want the module to display only the images, only text links or both images and text.

Sort order:
Define the sort order for the links.

Sort descending:
Check this option if you want the sort order reversed.

Display folder content:
Choose a folder from the portal to display the contents as links. The ‘show items’ option also applies here. If images are turned off, no file type icon will be displayed. This will also apply to the sort order.

Use Host Settings for allowed file types:
When active and the module is set to display folder contents, the module will only show files that are allowed in the Host Settings.

Display folder contents

When a folder is selected in the module settings, the module display the actual content, not what is stored in the DNN database. So uploaded files via FTP for example are immediately visible without file synchronization.